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Museum offers presentation about Floyd County’s origins

Museum offers presentation about Floyd County’s origins
From settling pioneers to railroad development, Floyd County Museum Director Mckenna Lloyd gave a presentation on the earliest days of Floyd County for the Chautauqua Talk on Saturday, April 20. Press photo by Travis Fischer
By Travis Fischer,

The earliest days of Floyd County were the focus of the Chautauqua Talk at the Floyd County Museum on Saturday, April 20.

History fans flocked into the museum Saturday morning to hear Museum Director Mckenna Lloyd give an informative presentation about Floyd County’s early immigrants and how they established the various communities in the area.

“I thought it was good,” said Lloyd. “Everyone seemed to like it.”

Lloyd has given similar presentations before, but this time incorporated details about the histories of Floyd County’s towns and their most prominent stories. From the fight to be the county seat to the origins of Rockford’s blacksmithing business to an anecdote about how Rudd was named, there was information about many of the Floyd County communities.

The next Chautauqua Talk will be held on May 18 and the topic of the day will be the 1968 tornado.

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