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Nora Springs counselor sentenced for having sex with client

By Bob Steenson,

A Nora Springs woman who pleaded guilty to having sex with a young client while working as a counselor has been sentenced to a suspended term in jail and a suspended fine. She was placed on probation for five years and will be subject to Iowa’s special sentence for sexually related offenses.

Sharmae Marie Field, age 28, of Nora Springs, was charged with sexual abuse in the third degree, a Class C felony, and sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist, a Class D felony.

Nora Springs counselor sentenced for having sex with client
Sharmae Marie Field

She pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse charge in a plea agreement with the Floyd County Attorney’s Office where the county attorney agreed to ask the court to dismiss the sexual exploitation charge and agreed to recommend a suspended sentence and probation.

On Monday morning, District Court Judge DeDra Schroeder sentenced Field to prison for an indeterminate term not to exceed 10 years, suspended; a $1,370 fine plus 15% surcharge, suspended; and five years probation under the supervision of the Iowa Department of Correctional Services.

Field will also be subject to Iowa’s special sentence, which for a Class C sexual felony will place her under the supervision of the Department of Corrections for life. She will also be required to register on the Iowa Sexual Offender Registry.

Schroeder determined that Field was able to pay the full cost of crime victim assistance reimbursement, court costs and fees, and pecuniary damages to the victim in an amount to be set forth by the county attorney within a reasonable time.

Field was also ordered to “promptly complete all recommended sex offender treatment” by the Department of Corrections.

According to information filed in Floyd County District Court, Field was employed as a counselor at Francis Lauer Youth Services in Mason City, where the alleged victim, identified as a 14-to-15-year-old boy, was a client.

The report says that during the calendar year 2017, Field, who was age 22 at the time, would pick up the boy near his home in Mason City and then drive to Rudd where they would have sex. She was arrested March 21, 2022, in Nora Springs.

Also as part of the proceeding Monday morning, Schroeder canceled a no-contact order between Field and the victim, at the request of the protected party. The victim would now be legally an adult.

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